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Who we are

We are dedicated to providing equal opportunity for quality education that focuses in improving students that struggle in math or reading. So when we say affordable and quality tutoring, we mean it. High cost tutoring is not affordable for many families, does that mean that they don't deserve the same opportunities for their children to stay competitive and get into top universities? Absolutely not! We start by focusing on improving reading and math skills by developing programs for struggling students. Helping students struggling in math and readings takes creativity and understanding. Our programs are developed around the philosophy of our founder, Michael Ho. Michael was a struggling student, one that struggled up until he entered college. So we don't just teach based on theory, we teach based on experience!

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Top tutors in every subject.

Our expert tutors will get the job done at an affordable cost guarantee.

Advance Math, Chemistry, & English Tutor
English Tutor
Advance Math, & English Language Arts
Associate Professor
Advance Math, Biology, & English Language ARts
Teaching Assistant
English & Math Tutor
Advance Math, Physics, & Chemistry Tutor
Associate Professor

"It's always tough in the beginning, but with consistency and patients it's well worth it in the end."

Molly Simon


"Math is about hard work and practice. I learn a lot about a student when they fail and letting a student know that is important."

Joan Collins

Math Tutor

"Understanding that every student is different, being patient, and adapting to the student are important characteristics of a tutor."

Virginia Foster



How much does your tutoring service cost?

Tutors charge as low as $15  per hour to as high as $40 per hour.  When you call us we will match a tutor that will help your child but also not break your bank. We know that private tutoring can be expensive, with our model you will get a quality private in-home or online tutor at half the cost guarantee.

What is the refund policy?

We highly encourage that customers communicate directly with your tutor.  If you were unable to come to a resolution, please feel free to contact us.

How do I locate a tutor for if I have a specific need?

Contact us and tell us what type of tutor a subject you need.  From there we will help you save time and get the right tutor for you immediately.

What if I want to change my tutor?

We are very confident in all of our tutors.  However, there are circumstances that occur due to a clash of personalities.  If you need to switch the tutor. we are glad to assist you in finding the best tutor that fits your needs.