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Our Mission

We match you with right in-home or online private tutor with a goal of making it convenient and affordable. With many private tutoring options, we differentiate ourselves though our unique tutor matching system that blends technology with people.

User Stories
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"It's always tough in the beginning, but with consistency and patients it's well worth it in the end."

Molly Simon


"Math is about hard work and practice. I learn a lot about a student when they fail and letting a student know that is important."

Joan Collins

Math Tutor

"Understanding that every student is different, being patient, and adapting to the student are important characteristics of a tutor."

Virginia Foster



How does the program work?

Our students build confidence in their academic abilities.  We focus on simplifying math, reading, and writing through individualized learning plans.  We focus on a small number of students at each location.  Allowing us to build relationships and know students like no other center can,  insuring  quality and affordability.

What makes your program different?

We start by assessing students academic skills and behavior and detail a plan that focuses on improving student behavior.  We understand balance, and require each student to complete their primary responsibility with the best effort they are able to provide.  We developed a positive and successful culture that we instill in our students daily.

My child is failing, how do I help him/her?

Firs thing would be to assess student study behavior.  Once the area of weakness has been identified we begin strengthening core concepts by building a plan that enables us to increase success in math, reading, and writing.

What if I want to change my tutor?