There Is No Such Thing As A Second Impression.
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Here Are Our Not So Secret, Secrets To The SAT NOT SO SECRET, SECRET #1 TAKE THE TEST The College Board has 8 free exams for you to take, including answer keys. Avoid assessment fees. Some companies charge hundreds of dollars just to have you take a practice test so they can assess your level! Use this online resource. It’s FREE! Here is a link: NOT SO SECRET, SECRET #2 SCORE AND ASSESS THE TEST YOURSELF PRINT the score sheet that the

The Challenges I Faced In School I know what it's like to be a struggling student. I struggled academically in middle school, high school, and parts of college. The Asian stereotype didn’t necessarily apply to me, it made me not want to ask questions in fear of feeling dumb. I share with you my struggles in hopes that parents will dig a little deeper and explore what real challenges their children face when they are not doing

Quality 1 Sense of Self-Efficacy  The first quality of a good student is that they have a good sense of self-efficacy, or that they are able to accurately evaluate their own abilities in any education related challenge. They usually find themselves in between students who either evaluate their own ability too high, or too low. Students who evaluate themselves too high often begin a project believing that they do not have to take it seriously,

California is one of the most sought out destinations in the United States, especially for students applying to colleges. As may rising high school seniors know, choosing where to apply for college is not just about where the best educational opportunities may be. Where you go to college is where you will ultimately spend your next four years adapting to significantly more difficult schooling, potentially living far from your family, and meeting a whole new