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Frequently Asked Questions

How do tutors get matched with students?

We value the importance of developing solid relationships with tutors. Therefore, we don’t match just anyone and hope people find you. We always match based on reliability in communication, consistency with schedule, and effective tutoring practices. WE GET TO KNOW OUR TUTORS. It is important that we provide consistency with both parents and tutors.

How are tutoring rates determined?

Tutoring rates are determined by area, subject matter, and level of tutor.  We make tutoring affordable! We guarantee that you will not be overcharged for a highly qualified tutor. We are confident with the tutors we provide, that upon your search, if you are able to locate a tutor with the same qualifications that we sent to you at a lower cost, we will match that rate!

How does payment work?

100% of the parent’s fee is directly paid to the tutor! Tutors can receive payment from parents via cash, credit card, or check.

What is the monthly service fee for?

Our job is to save you time and locate the best tutor at the best rate.  We ensure the quality of your tutors. Through our scheduling app, tutors log in and confirm payment that is recorded and viewable for all parities involved. Keeping the focus on tutoring while saving parents time and money.

Can I change my tutor if I don’t feel comfortable with them?

Absolutely, we don’t want you to stick with a tutor if you don’t feel comfortable with them.  Communicate with us and we will change your tutor.

Changing tutors is not always a bad thing as we are able to learn from our first match and get to know parent’s and student’s likes and dislike.  We are confident you will get matched or we will not take a service fee until you are satisfied.

How do we get started?

To get started, contact us and we will collect some important information from you and help you get registered. You will be asked to place a form of payment that will allow us to begin our matching process.  You will only be charged your service fee when we have identified a match.