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How do tutors get matched with students?

Unlike other tutoring services, we value the importance of developing solid relationships with tutors. Therefore, we don’t match just anyone and hope people find you.  We always match based on reliability in communication, consistency with schedule, and effective tutoring practices.  WE GET TO KNOW YOU.  It is important that we provide consistency both parents and tutors.  We hope that we can be some tutors starting point to enhancing their career goals.

How do I know what the parents are requesting for their students to be tutored in?

Initial goals and requirements will be submitted to you prior to starting your tutoring session. We advise tutors to follow-up and confirm grade level, subject matter, and goals so that the communication is clear and consistent to what we have on file.

How does scheduling students work

Notification will be sent via text message, when a job is available. Once job is agreed, then you would connect with students or parents to confirm a schedule.   Once you have confirmed your first tutoring session, you can use our scheduling system to keep track of your students, their schedules, and payment confirmations.

How is Pay Rates Determined?

Both the tutor and parents determine your rates. Upon agreement we hope that all tutors and parents honor that agreement and negotiations should be prohibited.  We would like both the tutor and parents attention focused on how to create successful tutoring sessions for both parties without worrying about the accounting and payment end.

How does payment work?

100% of the parent’s fee is directly paid to the tutor! Tutors can receive payment from parents via cash or check after session is complete or you can discuss with parents to pay you a total weekly amount and the end of the week.